Overview : Investment Advisory
From the stock market’s volatile graph to intricate tax planning, with the FDI plans to swing up the overall economic graph, today’s investors has a lot to tend with before moving forward. It is therefore not surprising that, more than before, the investors are turning to take the guidance of independent financial and investment advisors.
Our Company

Breaking away from the age old brokerage firms, todays’ investment advisor has to manage more than just assets and fund allocation. Fast coming up is a new age financial savvy advisor Hardik Shah, who through his investment advisory, Nivesh Money, counsels clients on funding, investing and wealth creation.

Or track record is impressive and his in-depth comprehension of commerce and business ensures that client’s money is suitably invested. However, given the current economic landscape, Hardik Shah is optimistic albeit cautiously. His skilful insight of qualitative experience and quantitative methodology helps in maximizing wealth and profits.

Modus Operandi :

Hardik Shah offers guidance to clients towards investment in capital market. He primarily counsels his clients after a stringent and transparent process of assessment and estimation of the client’s capacity to finance and invest in equity market, mutual funds, bonds etc. The firm also gauges the time duration for which the client can comfortably keep the money invested.

Qualified Team :

A SEBI registered Investment Advisory, Hardik Shah has an outpost located in Mumbai. He is empowered by qualified team of experts in this domain. Capitalizing on their thorough knowledge and aptitude to understand the complex financial markets, the team aims at complete customer satisfaction to be a favored financial advisory and investment firm. With an impressive list of clientele from various segments and income group from India as well as abroad, Hardik Shah and his team, expertly handle and manage the portfolios of successful professionals, entrepreneurs(SMEs, large scale and others) and even those of whom are sala

Vision & Mission
Vision :

Every portfolio is important to us regardless of the invested amount. Our aim to balance and negate the risk factors and work towards a robust ROI for our clients.

Our corporate vision is to guide clients to invest wisely in equity markets, bonds, mutual funds, insurances and other such growing segments. We help them to create their own wealth by compounding the value of the funded amount in equity market.


Hardik Shah aims to grow on the bedrock of strong values of integrity, transparency and trustworthiness, fostering long term bonds with our clients. Evolving and incorporating various financial options, he works on the strong fundamentals of “Investing to Create your own Wealth” and by simply helping people to become rich and lead comfortable lives.

Our Advisors

An astute advisor, his judgment and wisdom of the equity markets have greatly benefited his clients. A post graduate in Finance, Hardik Shah developed sharp business acumen while working dedicatedly as a research analyst at Centrum Wealth Ltd.

A top notch professional, Hardik works on market fundamentals and technicals combining valuation grid to identifies trends to invest in or to bail out of an investment. His intricate analysis helps in advising clients to invest in underestimated stock to leverage its’ upwards drift when it arrives. He also constantly keeps himself updated with the various trends and progression of the markets and its key players.

He has vast experience in this field and offers 360 degree investment solutions to his eminent clients at IG Financial services.