Nivesh money offers services investments ideas in capital market such as:
Investment ideas

After all the necessary allocation if you still have surplus money, , we offer jackpot tips to enhance your portfolio. Vibrant equities, blue chip stocks, the dark horse shares, mutual funds etc., is where we draw upon our expertise to give you the right guidance.

While some of these investments could yield better returns than your conservative investments, they could also pose a risk to your liquidity. We distinguish between these stocks and shares and counsel our clients accordingly, protecting their investments while taking into consideration their liquidity risks.

Fundamental ideas

Fundamental analysis is the main stay of investing. Though every stock and equity have their own distinct investment strategies, yet almost all employ the fundamentals which involves looking into the financial statements. This analysis takes into account the qualitative aspects of a company along with the measurable.

Our expert team regularly assess various parameters such as: is the company making profits, is it growing, is the company able to pay off its debts, the company’s position vis-à-vis competitors etc. This methodology helps in guiding our clients in the right direction towards the right stock, derivatives and other asset procuring.

With the economies more promising than before, we counsel our clients towards investing in long- term holdings while helping to create multiple return on their funding. Investments for more than 3 years are preferred to help our clients to grow and prosper.

Broking Service

Nivesh money also has a tie up with Pune E -Stock broking to provide broking services to its clients. As independent agent with proficiency in certain sectors, we at Nivesh Money act as facilitators between an investor and the stock.

Furnishing accurate market information regarding prices, and current market conditions of the company, to making the necessary sale or purchase of securities on behalf of his client, we play a major role in augmenting our clients purses.

We are also planning to adapt to the electronic medium by inculcating Electronic Broking Services (EBS) to trade in foreign exchange (FX).

Conclusion note

Basically at Nivesh Money, we help our client to trade in capital markets by suitably advising them on their investments and their funding. We help them create wealth from their investments and exit successfully with good returns on their asset.

Fees structure

FUNTECH - Fundamental ideas + technical ideas

  • Fees - Rs 33000 quaterly
  • Features

    weekly minimum 4 technical base trades

    weekly 1 fundamental call

All in One

  • Fees - Rs. 25000 yearly and 20% share of the returns above 10% per annum
  • Features
    • weekly minimum 4 technical base trades
    • weekly 1 fundamental call
    • Broking and dealing service
    • Manage portfolio under the direction of clients and its advisors
    • Portfolio will be review quaterly basis


Analysis, Counselling, and Reshuffle of Investment Treasury: Nivesh Money

Why you need investment guidance (IG):
Investment Guidance is a dynamic method of structuring and overseeing the portfolio of investments (mutual funds, stocks and shares, bonds, derivative products and other investments ) to maximize the returns for the investor, while minimizing the risks of loss. As portfolio manager, we have to be sharp and vigilant, as financial market’s graph is very speculative and pulsating, changing at a moment’s notice. This would require quick analysis and strategic decision-making on the part of the portfolio manager from which a client can prosper.

Nivesh Money Investment Guidance Arm:
Nivesh Money’s arm of IG vertical manages the collective of investments and portfolios of single investors or a specific set of clients, collective of investors, institutions or corporate. They develop the correct merging of several investments to optimize investor’s gains, while also taking into consideration:
Client’s tolerance to risk
Calculating the risk to return ratio and return potential of the investments
The investor’s short- and long-term goals while assembling the investment portfolio.
At Nivesh Money, our expert financial and investment counsellors take into consideration the corporate investment policies and strategies when counselling clients. Like many investment and other such advisory roles, our managers possess exceptional management skills, a thorough knowledge of each sector while advising the clients effectively, combined with accurate and a comprehensive knowledge of the markets and investment products.

Research, Analysis, Reshuffling:
Handling a portfolio successfully in an ever changing environment is a very intricate process that requires innovative thinking along with strategic decision-making to match the evolving markets. We at Nivesh Money, work alongside a team of expert research analysts who provide information and research on company, sectors, and market trends.  We apply this information further to make key investment decisions for their clients’ portfolios, reshuffle the investor’s funding and also to balance the need to generate sustainable and profitable growth or recurring income for both their clients and their organization.

The payout for these services are:
1% of portfolio fund with additional annual payment of Rs.25,000/-